The Queen of Cocaine
Mysterious and elusive, Sonia Atala held one of the most powerful positions in the Santa Cruz Mafia, which supplied almost 80% of the world's cocaine. But when she is squeezed out of her position, she'll use the DEA to bestow a well-crafted revenge upon her adversaries.

The Ruthless Drug Lord
Leaving a trail of blood and fear in his wake, Octavio "Papo" Mejia rose to the top ranks of the cocaine business. He was a key player in the Cocaine Cowboy Wars of the 1980s, and became mortal enemies with Atala.

The Father of La Corporación

Creator of the "General Motors of cocaine," Roberto Suarez's organization would grow to supply 50%-90% of the world's cocaine during the 80s. He was one of three men who funded the violent coup which overthrew the democratically-elected Bolivian President Lidia Gueiler on July 17, 1980.
The Light-Hearted Comisionista
A warm and friendly woman and close friend of Sonia, Ana Tamayo worked to connect cocaine suppliers with distributors. A caring mother and devoted wife, she will become the main target of Operation Hun while murderers and drug king pins run free in the street.

The Minister of Cocaine
After backing the bloody coup that brought to power the infamous Gen. Luis García Meza, Col. Luis Arce Gomez filled Bolivia's banks with sales of cocaine stolen from his competitors. Together with Atala, Gomez flooded the US with cocaine in retaliation to America cutting Bolivian economic aid.

The Miami A.U.S.A.
Miami Assistant US Attorney Michael "Pat" Sullivan was a roadblock to any progress in the War on Drugs, protecting the CIA's war against communism instead. He was instrumental in the release of José Gasser and other drug dealers and murderers, indirectly leading to the Bolivian Cocaine Coup of 1980.